Sunday, December 27, 2015

Greetings Once Again!

Wow. It's hard to believe that it has been almost exactly two years since I typed a post saying goodbye to blogland. To say that the last two years have been full would be an understatement! Lots has happened and I look forward to getting on with some updates shortly. One of the biggest changes is that we've moved!! I'll get to that though. :)

We have missed blogging over the past couple of years, although I think the break was good for a season. Honestly, I'm not sure that the time factor has changed at all - if anything, I probably have less time now than I did then!! :) You will probably be meeting some of my sisters over the months ahead as there has been some discussion of sharing blogging responsibilities - we'll see!!

As you've seen, we decided to go with a new look for our re-entry into blogland - what do you think?!??

You'll hear from me again soon! My plan is to hopefully give you a couple "year in review" posts to get you up to date on the time we've been gone. Then we should hopefully get 2016 off to a fresh start!!

More soon!


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  1. So excited to see that you are back to blogging!!!
    ~Shiloh :) :) :)


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