Wednesday, January 27, 2016

We leave our old home behind - thanks to help from dear friends!

We were blessed by help from dear friends in the final shove to get the remaining items out of our old home and into the apartment we would live in for a couple of months. They really helped make it happen!! It was a long day and lots of work, but we had a lot of fun and fellowship, so it was great!!

When I was texted this picture, I knew help was on the way. :)

Sabrina and Julia

Lots of final cleaning, packing, and so on!

Mathias - such a cutie!

Some of the younger members of the work crew!

Catherine cleaning windows.

Levi and Ben

Working on getting it all to fit. :)

Sienna and Catherine

Mr. and Mrs. Bender

Isn't this a cute picture?!


Group shot! Thank you so much everyone!!!

The caravan sets out.

This is what happens when you ask Benjamin to get a picture of us all lined up at the gas station!! :)

And this is the result when you attempt a picture in a dark van!! :)

Mirror shot!

All the boxes unloaded at our new temporary home!

The biggest delight of living in town was living in the apartment next door to the Thomases!! It was awesome to be able to live next door to friends!! Mrs. Thomas had some wonderful treats waiting for us in the fridge when we arrived. Mmmmm...

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Lisa in town (as well as the movers!)!!!

Ever since I heard sometime in 2014 that my dear friend Lisa and some of her family would be coming to the miniature horse show in Tulsa last September, I was greatly anticipating being able to visit for an afternoon. You can imagine my joy when Lisa called and asked if she could spend several days with us after the show - it was AWESOME!!! :) Besides being such a fun and fabulous time of fellowship, Lisa was a huge help to us the week the movers came to pack us up. To make matters even more interesting, I ended up coming down with what the doctor told us might be rhabdomyolysis (basically over-exersion of the muscles) and wasn't able to do pretty much anything for several days, so Lisa was able to take my place! I was so thankful for the opportunity to spend such an extended period of time together!!

The only thing better than a friend, is a friend with coffee!! :)

Packing while visiting definitely makes the packing more enjoyable!! :)

More packing!

My dear friend and I!

The boxes pile up...

...and the house begins to look quite empty!!

Shen helping

Working together - Lisa was such a help!

A look at the packing process.

Lots of boxes!!

Do you think Shenandoah got a little worried about everything getting packed?! :)

We snap a picture while overseeing the packers down at the shed - we ended up doing quite a bit of the packing ourselves!!

Seth enjoyed the spot where our stained glass window used to be.

We went to see War Room!

The last meal around our table in our old home.

The movers arrive!!

A very empty house!!

Empty house and no beds = a girl slumber party!!! :)

We took Lisa to the airport and hated to see her go. What an awesome time we had!!

I love you, my friend!! Thank you SO much for coming and being such a blessing to us!!!

Fun and Bowling with the Bender's!!

In May, we had an awesome time of fellowship, fun, and bowling with our good friends, the Bender's!! We had been wanting to bowl together for quite a while and it finally worked out!! Unfortunately, several of my pictures are blurry, but I still wanted to include them anyway!! :)

Fun building and flying planes!

Shen and Tabitha

Having fun while making lattes!

We had a great time hearing new songs and singing hymns together on the porch until quite late!

Reading time


Lots of shoes! Lots of fun!

Ready to go.

Group kid shot! What a fun time!