Thursday, January 21, 2016

January Update!

Hey everyone!

Just a quick update before we get on with a review of 2015!! I know there has been a lag in my posts this past week, but I've been sorting through pictures in my spare time and I think I have about 17 posts of 2015 coming your way shortly!!

It has been a good month so far. The weather has been great! We've had a couple days of snow flurries, but all in all it has actually been quite warm - at least warm enough to make working outside bearable!! :) That has been nice since we've been working hard to finish up fencing and animal shelters. That brings me to my next piece of news...our dogs and cows are home!!! Special thanks to the friends who kept them so long - it was SUCH a blessing!!!

Besides all that, we've had several inside projects that we've been finishing up, we're feeling more settled, and we had our first company! More posts to come on all of that, but I'm going to do 2015 first! :)

Hope you enjoy all the posts!!

~ Savannah

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