Thursday, January 21, 2016

2015 in Review - Part 1 of 3

Well, I'm coming right along on the updates - at least we're on 2015 now!! :) My plan for last year is to go ahead with three "year in review" posts similar to what I did with the other years. The difference though is that once I'm done with those, I'm going to go back and do several in depth posts on other various happenings as well as our building and moving process!  Hope you enjoy all of them!

We enjoyed an "EK" meeting before heading out for a night of witnessing at Bricktown!

Seth turned 12!

Reading time

We enjoyed an evening of fellowship with Mr. and Mrs. Thomas. The kids loved Mr. Thomas' drums!!

Cheese making

Shen lost some teeth!!

Arts and crafts!

We had a great evening of fellowship with the Ahlgren's!

Sabrina turned 18!

We did some packing early on in the year to get ready for house showings. Let me tell you - it was SO nice when we were done with house showings!!! :)

The Howell family welcomed a precious new daughter, Verity, into their home. (I just love big brother Peter's face in this picture!)

Several of us girls enjoyed the opportunity to spend some extra time with the Howell's while they were settling into life with a new little one.

You may remember that I always loved sky pictures - I still do. :)

My mother got all of us girls new aprons!! I was all set in my favorite colors!!

Julia and Sabrina had matching braces!

We enjoyed being able to show some of the "O" family our new property and Titus actually let me hold him. :)

My dear friend Sarah and I.

I turned 23!

We were visited by a rather large turtle (much to the distress of our dogs!).

Sayer turned 10 which also meant he was able to get his first military ID!

We had to use our storm shelter for the first time ever - and our parents were gone for the day! Thankfully the tornado ended up touching down about 10 minutes away from us and didn't do any damage. I think our parents were more bothered by the situation than we were! I could just barely get reception if I held my phone at arms length up at the vent hole, so we were able to keep them updated. :) Sienna, our war history lover, said she could imagine what we heard were air raid sirens and we were down in a bomb shelter!!

Cleaning out the attics for moving.

Lots of sorting!

I love the clouds in this picture.

Sienna turned 15!

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