Friday, February 12, 2016

NCFIC Conference 2015

I guess, for the beginning of my "Beach" post to make sense, it would help if I published my posts in the right order!! :) This one was actually supposed to go first...

The end of October, we were blessed to be able to attend the NCFIC "Highway to Holiness" conference. What an encouraging and convicting time. So good!! Of course, we were also very blessed by all the fellowship with friends!!

Taylor and I realized we had matching skirts and colors that day! :) We once again enjoyed being able to caravan with our friends the Ford's on the way to NC!!

My younger siblings (especially the boys) enjoy seeing how many semi trucks they can get to honk at them on the trip. They were trying to beat their number from the year before!

I was in charge of our radio! I think I did a little better than the previous year (I spent some time trying to memorize the codes). :)

We all had dinner in our TLF room the first night of our trip!

Good fellowship.

Ridgecrest is so pretty in the fall!!

Group friend shot!

More friends!!

We had never taken the opportunity to hike there before and I'm so glad we did!! It was quite the hike, but the view from the top was well worth it!!!

See that building way down there?? That's where we started!!

We made it to the top!!

Such an amazing view!!

Benjamin blessed us with some music on the mountaintop!! 

Back at our building, we enjoyed our traditional final night event - ice cream and fellowship!!

Saying goodbyes before hitting the road. Until next year then!! :)

The Beach 2015

After the conference, we enjoyed being able to go to the beach once again! We had actually already booked our stay there before we knew we would be in the middle of the move and all. Providentially it worked out well because had we known, we probably wouldn't have gone and I think the break was good for all of us! :)

Back at the beach!

We enjoyed...

Walking along the beach,

playing tag,

more round table discussions,

building sandcastles,

playing games,

boogie boarding, 

catching up on some sleep :),

making a wedding gift for my friend!,

making wonderful kitchen delights, 

resting on the beach,

and getting our yearly picture!! Most of you have probably seen this one.

But you haven't seen this one! :)

We also celebrated our mother's birthday there again!

We found a delicious frozen yogurt place.

What a great time!

On our arrival back home, we found kefir water waiting for us in the fridge!! Thank you, Mrs. Thomas!!