Wednesday, March 22, 2017

A Time For Change

Hello everyone! I'll get right down to it. It has been 10 years since we first launched The Family Cochran Blog, I am about to say goodbye to being the blog author. Life goes on, times change, schedules fill up, and it's with a mixture of feelings that I'm passing the baton on to someone else. Wow! I can't believe I'm saying that!! 

Without further delay, I would like to introduce someone who you're not altogether unfamiliar dear sister, Sienna!

Sienna is an amazing writer and an important part of our family unit. I trust you'll enjoy hearing her perspective on life in the Cochran family. She's even getting used to carrying a camera around with her! :)

Farewell everyone (at least from the writing side of things, as I'm sure I'll probably appear in a post every now and then :)!



P.S. Come visit me over at - I'd love to see you!

Before and After

 We had been in our house for just four months before the tornado hit. These are pictures of what it looked like before and after.


June 2016 In Review Part 1

                                                 This post covers our building process!

June 2016 In Review Part 2

                              Sayer sliced his hand pretty bad while he was doing animal chores.
                                                          He had to get eight stitches!!!

                             Some friends from Ringwood came to check on us after the tornado
                             and gave us a special gift called a "disco". It makes the best stirfry!
                                                                    Thank you guys!!!
                                                            We must have been tired!
                                                              Father's day picture.
                                                 Of course we HAD to get a goofy one!:D
                                 Mommy took Sayer's stitches out! Shenandoah let Sayer borrow
                                       her Patsy and special blankie to make him feel better!
                                                Aunt Meri Lou and Isaac came to visit us.
                                                               Playing catch phrase.
                                                             Daddy and Aunt Meri Lou.
                                                                   Stasia and Isaac

                                                        Our cat Anna and Fifinella.
                                                             Sunset over the canyon.