Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Sienna's Birthday 2016

For my birthday we went to the 45th Infantry museum in Oklahoma city.

                 Dachau concentration camp was one of the top ten worst death camps during WWII.
           Our family was able to visit it in 2012 when daddy was deployed to  Germany. It was               definitely very sobering. Thousands upon thousands of people were killed there. We must never forget lest history should repeat itself.        

                                             The light fixtures are real helmets from WWI.

                  We met a gentleman from Patton's Third Army at the museum. He was sharing
                    with us some of his experiences during WWII. It was such a pleasure talking
                                           With him! We must never forget our Veterans!

 Two sibling tank pictures! The one above taken at the 45th Infantry Museum in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, 2016.
                    This one was taken at the Mardasson Memorial near Bastogne, Belgium, 2012.
                                                          Daddy, mommy and Sienna.
                                                           In front of the birthday sign.
                                                                    Sibling pictures...

                                                                    "Deer" Stasia...

                                You can't really see it in this picture, but the shirt says "red dirt ranch".
                                      It was a joke because my family knows that I THOROUGHLY
                                                                  DETEST red dirt!
                                                Sabrina made pineapple upside down cake!
                                                                A birthday prayer.

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