Monday, March 20, 2017

May 2016 In Review

                                                           Reading time on the porch.

                                  Shenandoah told us she was reading to our favorite cat, Spot.

Sorting everything from the tornado.                                              

                                      Trilink came to take some of our things to try and salvage them.

                                 Afterwards, the people from Trilink enjoyed looking at our zoo!
Nothing better than a cup of coffee after a days work!
                                                      Enjoying the hotel swimming pool!
                                                      Catching up on some letter writing.
                                            Savannah at the Right Path with her rider, Taylor.
                                                       Our couch of 19 years going away.
                                                Mr. and Mrs. Thomas invited us for dinner.

Shadow picture.

                                                                  Shop organization.

                         While we were living in Stillwater, there was a tornado that touched down
                                                    about 10 miles away from our hotel!
                                      Savannah screenshot this.  We were all a little worried!

                                         Savannah face timed with Julia for a YPL meeting.

                                         The Ahlgren's had us over for dinner.  Shenandoah
                                                                with Lilian and Keith.

                            Savannah's rider from Right Path, Taylor, won the special olympics
                                                                         gold medal!
                                                               Daddy building shelves.
                                                           Everything is still a mess.
                                                                 Demolition begins...

This is what the dumpster looked like!
                                  For a break from everything, mommy took us kids to lunch
                                                         at the bowling alley at Vance AFB.
                                                               Bowling afterwards.

                                                                        Silly girl!
                                        Abby "O" at the Trainers Challenge at Lazy E arena.

                                                                 She won first place!
                                             Seth and Sayer outside their room at the hotel.
                                                           Us girls outside our room.
                                                                  Leaving the hotel.
                           We were able to visit with Capt. Harris when he flew into Oklahoma.
                                       While daddy was gone to Pennsylvania for a Pastor's
                                               conference, Mrs. Thomas painted our nails!

                            Shenandoah begged Sabrina to carve the Memorial Day watermelon into
                                                           "Larry" from VeggieTales.
                                                            A very happy little girl!!!
Memorial Day dinner.

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