Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Mother's Day

The kids of RHF church planned a Mother's day celebration.

                                                            Getting everything ready.
                                                                The three mother's.

                                                           Isn't the table beautiful?

                                 Ariel Ford made this beautiful cake! Doesn't it look amazing!?

                                                 Hmmmm... punch is always a good idea!

                   Enjoying a slideshow the Ford children put together of all our mother's  from
                                                             childhood to present day.

The Ford's sang a beautiful song.

All of us kids sang a song.

Opening gifts.

Little Tabitha Bender wanted daddy to read Amelia Bedelia to her.

Daddy started to read every page backwards, and before long...

ALL the men were enraptured with the story of: "Amelia Bedeila Goes Camping".
I think that would be the first time any of them had enjoyed Amelia Bedeila so much!

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