Monday, March 20, 2017

In Which We Dig Into The Mess...

                                     Getting the briefing for the day. We had some wonderful
                                        friends come over to help us. It was such a blessing!

                                                  Open sky. Not necessarily a good thing!

                                                Most of the boxes were all wet, dooming
                                       the contents inside. Sorting was going to take a while.

                                            The lunch line. Some friends bought Subway
                                                              for the whole crew.

                                                       That red clay sure makes a mess!

                                  Our front porch was a disaster. In fact, everything was a disaster!

                                                Working on the roof, or what's left of it!
                                                              The mess continues......

                                     You shouldn't have puddles of water on your shop floor!

                                                              Mrs. Bryan and Stasia.

                                                        Friends make work a lot easier!

                                                         Anna decided she was worn out.

                                               The Ford family fixed us a wonderful meal.
                                              It was so nice not having to worry about food!

We were so blessed to have all the help from friends. The big task of cleaning up didn't seem quite so daunting with everybody's assistance!  A big "thank you" to everyone for all you did - securing tarps on the shop/apt for round 2 of storms, doing mounds and mounds of laundry, sorting and repacking box after box, providing food and water, and just being there! 

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