Monday, March 20, 2017

Blessings from New Friends!

At the Pastor's conference last May daddy met Mr. Manville, who is a professional carpenter. He offered to come and help us when we needed all the trim work done as well as help us build all the  shelves back. The whole family ended up coming and we had a wonderful time of work and fellowship!
                                                   Daddy and Mr. Manville cutting trim.

                                         Great fellowship back at the place we were staying.


                                                       Savannah, Sabrina and Venessa.

                                We went to an antique shop and had to try on the vintage hats!

                                                                At the coffee shop.

                                                          Shenandoah and Johanna.

                                       Guthrie put on a huge fireworks display for the Fourth.

                                                           The Manville's. Thank you!

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