Wednesday, March 22, 2017

June 2016 In Review Part 2

                              Sayer sliced his hand pretty bad while he was doing animal chores.
                                                          He had to get eight stitches!!!

                             Some friends from Ringwood came to check on us after the tornado
                             and gave us a special gift called a "disco". It makes the best stirfry!
                                                                    Thank you guys!!!
                                                            We must have been tired!
                                                              Father's day picture.
                                                 Of course we HAD to get a goofy one!:D
                                 Mommy took Sayer's stitches out! Shenandoah let Sayer borrow
                                       her Patsy and special blankie to make him feel better!
                                                Aunt Meri Lou and Isaac came to visit us.
                                                               Playing catch phrase.
                                                             Daddy and Aunt Meri Lou.
                                                                   Stasia and Isaac

                                                        Our cat Anna and Fifinella.
                                                             Sunset over the canyon.

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