Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Sayer's 11th Birthday!

It wasn't unusual for Sayer to request a birthday meal consisting of:
roast chicken with gravy
mashed potatoes and gravy
broccoli and cheese
green beans.
And strawberry shortcake for dessert.
Well, with everything being a "little busy" after the tornado and living in a hotel, we weren't quite sure how to pull this one off. So...
We asked a good friend, Catherine, if she would mind fixing it. To our great relief, she agreed. She is a FABULOUS cook! Thanks Catherine!!!
                                       Sayer looking exceedingly pleased. I love this picture!
                            Mommy and Sayer. Even though he's 11 now, he is still sooo adorable!!!
                                  Our normal sibling birthday picture. The next pictures are just for grins!!!

                                                              Savannah and Sayer.
                                                                Sabrina and Sayer.
                                 Sayer is notorious for pretending to despise his sister's kisses.
                                                   Here he is trying to resist Sabrina's!
                                                             Of course she succeeded!

Sienna and Sayer
                                                                    Stasia and Sayer.

                                                                    Seth and Sayer.

                                                              Sayer and Shenandoah.

                                                             Realization dawns...

                                                                   walkie talkies!!!

                                                                 A birthday prayer.

Sayer blowing out imaginary candles. The hotel wouldn't let us have a lighter!

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