Thursday, January 7, 2016

2014 In Review - Part 3 of 4

Piano lessons

It wouldn't be summer with the Cochran's unless we had an outing (or two!) at Cherry Berry!


Do you see a problem with this picture?!!! :)
It actually brings up a different problem we had that year - mice in our attic!!! I confess I was a bit skeptical when I asked the boys to check the trap and they quickly returned with the news that we had caught a snake - in the attic!!!

The boys always enjoyed watering the plants while holding their ducks!

Everyone was trying on daddy's old flight helmet. :)

Our cousin Lori and her kids came for a visit!!

Too much work in the office...

...apparently produces this!!

The Ocker's hosted a fun Labor Day cookout at the Right Path. It was a great day! Everyone had the opportunity to do some sort of performance.

We did a musical play of David and Goliath! 

We had the honor of being able to meet Mr. Paul Rogers - who was, at the time, the oldest living survivor of the Band of Brothers (101 Airborne Division).

Sabrina got her permit!!

We made homemade root beer floats. YUM!! They were even made with stevia!!!

One of Joshua's flights brought him to the area, so we got to enjoy a visit (we were only wishing Tabitha could have been there as well!).

The Bender family put together a lovely Mother/Daughter western tea!

It was such a fun day!

Sisters and coffee - a wonderful combination!

This is one of my favorite Cochran sibling pictures of all time.

**Note** Also during this time, our search for property was begun. Unfortunately, I don't have many pictures of this process!! :(

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