Wednesday, January 27, 2016

We leave our old home behind - thanks to help from dear friends!

We were blessed by help from dear friends in the final shove to get the remaining items out of our old home and into the apartment we would live in for a couple of months. They really helped make it happen!! It was a long day and lots of work, but we had a lot of fun and fellowship, so it was great!!

When I was texted this picture, I knew help was on the way. :)

Sabrina and Julia

Lots of final cleaning, packing, and so on!

Mathias - such a cutie!

Some of the younger members of the work crew!

Catherine cleaning windows.

Levi and Ben

Working on getting it all to fit. :)

Sienna and Catherine

Mr. and Mrs. Bender

Isn't this a cute picture?!


Group shot! Thank you so much everyone!!!

The caravan sets out.

This is what happens when you ask Benjamin to get a picture of us all lined up at the gas station!! :)

And this is the result when you attempt a picture in a dark van!! :)

Mirror shot!

All the boxes unloaded at our new temporary home!

The biggest delight of living in town was living in the apartment next door to the Thomases!! It was awesome to be able to live next door to friends!! Mrs. Thomas had some wonderful treats waiting for us in the fridge when we arrived. Mmmmm...

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