Wednesday, January 6, 2016

2014 In Review - Part 2 of 4

We got to see Aunt Brenda and Elizabeth while they were in Kansas!

We all spent a day at Uncle Todd's farm.

The three oldest Elder siblings (or a rose between two thorns as Uncle Todd said - oh brother!!).

Dodger was being very good with the new little kittens!

We went to Jacob Gernert's wedding!

Mother and Mrs. Gernert

Sabrina and Mocha


Sabrina removed a snake from the nest box.

Seth helped her dispose of it.

Shen and Tabitha (we had a fun evening with the Benders!).

We FINALLY had ducklings!!!

So cute

Sienna turned 14!

Aunt Merilou and Isaac came for a visit. In the picture above, we're doing an experimental bottle rocket.

Aunt Merilou was giving us volleyball lessons!


I caught my first swarm!

Thanks to Seth and Mr. Folgers for the help!!

A couple weeks later, Mr. Folgers and I removed a swarm from a neighbor's bench.

The "O" Family spent the 4th of July with us!

Harvesting honey with Mr. Folgers.

Soaking our feet for pedicure preparation with the boys watching on.  My mother thought it was time for the girls to learn how to do a proper manicure/pedicure!

Sisters ready to work!

Sand plum picking! A dog came to join us - thankfully it was nice!!

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