Saturday, July 2, 2016

A Trip To Kansas City!

We got to go to a "Scriptorium" hosted by the Pentimone family. We really enjoyed the evening and would love to put one on ourselves!

Amy and I

Uncle Todd taught the kids table football. :)

Parachute dropping - started by Sayer, but even the adults joined in!

We got to enjoy two of Uncle Todd's amazing breakfasts while we were there!!

We celebrated grandpa's birthday!

Visiting and "Catch Phrase" with Aunt Moe!

We had a fun evening at Unlce Joe and Aunt Teresa's as well!

Traditional Starbucks run!

Group shot!

We got to visit Uncle Andy and Aunt Peggy too. We enjoyed being able to see their beautiful new home!

It was also fun to see Uncle Andy's collection of planes!

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