Wednesday, July 6, 2016

March 2016 In Review

More debates.

Early morning Bible time at a coffee shop - what could be better?!

Sabrina's AMAZING caramel popcorn!!!

Mmmmm...all healthy too!!

Definite signs of spring.

I love this truck and license plate. :)

Some friends from where we used to live blessed us by delivering hay and we enjoyed an evening of fellowship!

Baptism days are always so special!

We brought our remaining animals home! The Crain family blessed us by keeping our ducks, chickens, and cat for so long.

We had a family dinner at one of our favorite restaurants!

I liked this. :)

Sabrina voted for the first time!

We had a set of twins and our first ever white goat kid!! Meet Edelweiss...

...and Endeldorf!!!

Daddy and the boys built a ladder for our loft!

Butch the calf was born!

We also had another set of twins - Eliza and Elise!
(it was an "E" year :)

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