Monday, July 11, 2016

April 2016 In Review

Bullet proof coffee. Ahhhhh...

Ball with daddy!

Shen has become quite the reader. It's so fun - every time we turn around she has her book!

I wondered if that meant I could drink it... :)

Sabrina got a Julia Childs cooking course for her birthday. I think Shen enjoyed it almost just as much!

Sienna wrote an amazing short story for a writing contest!

A Julia Child dinner - thank you Sabrina!
This bread tasted like some we had in Europe!

The vegetables had a delicious marinade. 

I forget what this chicken was called *insert some French name*, but it sure tasted good!

There she is again!

I experimented with a couple new healthy treats as well. 



I still love sky pictures.

School days!

April is the month for literacy days at the Right Path. I was SO excited to finally be able to volunteer this year!! My siblings and I really enjoyed the couple of days we spent there!

I helped with face painting the first day. :)

Sabrina got some Andrew time!

I helped with grooming the second day!

Lots of paper sorting!

Daddy had to spend a night in the hospital. We though he had a stroke! Thankfully it ended up being a no pain migraine. I know, very strange!!

We had the pleasure of attending a friend's senior recital.

She did such a good job!

I thought this was sweet. :)

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