Friday, March 18, 2016

Cochran Construction Adventure - Part 1 of 5

This begins a series of posts about our building process. For those of you who don't know, this is just our temporary home - a small shop/apartment combination that we call the TLF (temporary lodging facility in military terms!). Our plan is to live in this while we build our home sometime in the near future (we're currently enjoying a break from the building process! :). Although it was a lot of work, it was really neat to watch our new temporary home take shape from the ground up - we did the vast majority of the work ourselves (with friends!)!!! We've been so incredibly blessed by the many helping hands that have made this whole process possible - lots of fun memories for sure!!

To start off with, some pictures of our new property! The canyon is one of our favorite spots.

It's pretty deep!

Clearing for the home and TLF/shop pads. 

Standing where our temporary home and future shop will be!

The walls are marked.

Digging for the foundation. (We did have the help of a backhoe, but I don't have a picture! :)

Digging for the septic.

More septic work.

The boys helped with a lot of this process!

Our well is dug!!

The Ford's blessed us with helping to get our front gate set!!


Tying rebar for the footings

Catherine brought watermelon!!

We were just a little messy. :)

The first of the cement for the footings!

The boys helping to smooth it out.

Taking a break while hauling and spreading sand for under the concrete pad. It was such a hot day!! I think everyone was thinking "We have all of THAT left to do." We were up against time because the cement trucks were already ordered - and were coming a day sooner than we anticipated!!!

Help on the way!! 

Lunch break!

Being funny while trying to figure out what color to get for the concrete (we did colored concrete floors).

Coming along much quicker!

Sayer, Sabrina, and Ben
(note: with two Benjamin's, you make life less confusing when they become Ben and Benj! :)

Benj and Christopher

Do you see something wrong with this picture?! :)

Tractor rides!


Pizza for the work crew!!

We got it all done!!

Working with friends is the BEST!!

After a hard days work, we enjoyed singing hymns!

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