Monday, March 21, 2016

Cochran Construction Adventure - Part 3 of 5

The Norwood boys were really good about helping my brothers get checked out on new tools. My brothers loved it!

I was finally entrusted with the nail gun!!

Big progress!!

It was so nice once we had the roof on and were working inside. That really helped to cut the summer heat!!

Roof goes on!

Sidewalk around the shop/TLF framed up!

Getting our solar array up!

Siding starts to go on and the sidewalk is done!

This picture is taken from up on our house pad.

We get a gravel parking area!!


...and Elijah working on electrical!

Insulation goes in!

Extra insulation on the inside - all part of the goal of being energy efficient.

The boys did lots of trench digging for the water lines. 

The look I got from Sabrina she got a screw in that I couldn't do!:)

Mr. Bender and Daddy working on plumbing.

Julia helping clean up!

Julia and I

It's really coming along!

The first coat of sealer goes on the floor. It was really fun how it changed the color!!

Our loft is getting sheet rocked! The loft is one thing we still have yet to finish. It's going to be such an awesome place to read once done as well as be a third bedroom!

It was amazing to watch the sheet rock crew wiggle all across the floor on five gallon buckets - they were fast!!

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