Saturday, March 19, 2016

Cochran Construction Adventure - Part 2 of 5

Concrete Pouring Day!

We had lots of fun!!


Catherine brought iced coffee and blackberry cobbler!!

Framing Day!

Sand piles make a great playground.

The look of accomplishment on his face once he made it to the top was so cute. :)

The first wall goes up!!

Second wall!

Third wall!

Fourth wall!

Last little walls!!

Catherine and I

Dinner for the work crew!

We even got some of the OSB up! Definitely a great days work. 

Interior Framing Day!
Interior walls are not as fun as exterior. :)

Sabrina on the saw!

More Interior Framing and Truss Day!


First one goes up!

All the trusses up!!

Now for the supports

I love this picture! :)

Levi, Sayer, and Seth

Thankfully we didn't lose anyone off the roof!! 

Isn't this a cool picture?!

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