Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Lisa's Wedding!!! Part 2

Once again, I can't take credit for most of these pictures!! Thank you for those of you who got pictures with my phone for me and to those of you who shared all the others!!

We got up at 3:30 after some of us not getting to bed until around 1:00!! :) The heater quickly became our friend - we had slept with the windows open because of all the nail polish fumes!! :)

Mrs. Cano, a dear friend of the Dales and also Lisa's wedding coordinator, put together this awesome bag of "essentials" - anything and everything we could possible need for getting ready! 

She also brought us breakfast!

Coffe - a must! :)

I greatly enjoyed being able to meet these sweet girls.

I'm going to let most of the rest of the pictures speak for themselves. Enjoy!!

I thought this was a neat idea.


Mr. and Mrs. David Ronsick!!

This was one of the best tables. :)

Group hug!!

Lisa and I

Anna and I

Jessie and I

Kelby and I

Adeline and I

I couldn't decide which of the funny pictures was the best! :)

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