Thursday, June 23, 2016

I'm Back!

Hey everyone! I'm really not sure that anyone reads this blog anymore, but in case you're out there, I'm back! :)

It has been a CRAZY couple of months around here and I *think* you'll agree that I have a couple very good excuses for not posting in so long...

First, we had internet problems. Yes, apparently we live farther out in the boons than we did before (even though it doesn't feel like it!). That was quite the fiasco and it's still not great, but it's better. Daddy and the boys even built our own internet tower (pictures to follow)! Obviously, it's hard to blog without internet connection!!!

and secondly...

The end of April (shortly after we got internet back) our house (or rather, TLF) was hit by a tornado!!! No kidding!!! What an experience!!! That's one of those things that always happens to everyone else but you. Not this time. We've lived in Oklahoma for 16 years and never even seen a tornado - and I STILL haven't seen one - but now I can say I've heard one (from the storm shelter)!!!

As you can imagine, that set in motion a whole new chain of events! The tornado took our roof and let me clarify that statement - what the tornado didn't take, the rain did. So, needless to say we had to move out - after we had practically just moved IN!!! It feels like we've stepped back in time as our TLF had to be taken down to the studs again because of all the rain damage and mold (it's amazing how fast that stuff grows!). The Lord is good though. Through all of this we've been so blessed to have so many friends who have helped us and prayed for us. We truly couldn't have done it without everyone who has blessed us in so many ways!! Most importantly, we're all safe!!

More tornado story to follow (especially since this is kind of an ongoing adventure!). For now I'm going to start back at the beginning of the year and work on getting caught up to the present. Posts should be more consistent for a while now!

One last thing - thank you so much to everyone who voted on our name. "Young Patriots for Liberty" it is! More on this to follow as well. :)

More coming soon!

~ Savannah

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