Saturday, June 25, 2016

Seth's 13th Birthday

Seth had a big birthday this year - 13 - wow!! My little brother is growing up so fast (and not so little anymore - he's almost taller than me!!).

Wrapping paper rolls make the perfect swords!

Seth was so very blessed by the many letters of exhortation and encouragement that he received from the men and young men in his life. 

Seth wanted to explore a new part of our property... we did!

The cats came along. :)

Delicious homemade ice cream!

These pictures have become a tradition. We had to find a new place now that we don't have the china cabinet any more!

Seth's coming into manhood gift was a traditional Scottish claymore!! 

He also got a boar hunting spear!

Lemon meringue pie was his dessert of choice.


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