Thursday, June 23, 2016

January 2016 in Review

Yay!! I'm actually on 2016!! :) Here is an overview of some things we did in January with a few more in depth posts to follow.

Baby Andrew "O" was in the hospital the beginning of the month. There was a possibility he was going to be needing surgery, but praise the Lord, he didn't have to have it!

Early morning sunrise.

An evening in the Cochran household.

Trenching to get water set up for the animals!

Putting final touches on our electric fence.

Building shelves in our laundry room!

We got a very *little* bit of snow!

Organizing the shop.

LOL - I know the feeling... :)

Sunset on the Cochran place.

Some of the crew enjoyed a trip to Bass Pro. 

We investigated a new part of our property and discovered that we have a really neat creek!!

Julia and I had a fabulous evening of coffee, brainstorming, and project planning! We're so excited about what we're working on and are looking forward to sharing it with all of you. More on that to come!! :)

We enjoyed an evening of fellowship with the Benders!

The fathers

The mothers

Some of the Bender/Cochran clan!



Building the desk for the office space.


Sarah and I had an awesome afternoon of "girl" time! It's such a blessing living close enough to do things like that now!!

Sabrina made some amazing whoopie pies - sugar and gluten free!

Healthy and delicious!!

Funny kittens.

Making kefir water.

Building the lean to for the animals.

Our helpful nail holder!


The finished product!

We had a wonderful evening of fellowship with the Ford family!

Sabrina made pizza!!

Elijah blessed us with a beautiful painting of our family crest.

Sunglasses - Stasia's solution to teary-eyed onion cutting! :)

The cows and goats came home!! Special thanks to the friends who took care of them for us!!

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