Monday, June 27, 2016

Second Solar Array Goes Up and Fun Fellowship With Friends!

A big project we accomplished was getting our second solar array up!! We did the prep work the first day and then were very blessed to have Benjamin's help with the racking on day two!!

Day 1

Those poles are HEAVY. It was pretty intense trying to get them in place!!!

We got them in though!

We also did some work on our front entrance.

Day 2

Sun on our solar!

According to Sayer, you have to have "sticky" feet to climb on the panels. This is not to be confused with STINKY feet. :) Unfortunately, your feet lose their stickiness after a little while!!

Just proof that I was there too. :)


When Sayer's feet lost too much stickiness, daddy and Benjamin took a turn.

A selfie of the work crew - we got it all done!!! As you can tell, it was a bright sunshiny day! :)

Some friends from out of state and most of the Bender family joined us for the evening. What a delightful time of fellowship!
We also got some help on our front entrance!

The Benders brought the goats home!!

I'll let the rest of the pictures speak for themselves!

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