Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Cochran Construction Adventure - Part 4 of 5

The task of painting begins!! It was nice to have some less intense work for a change, but the painting seemed to drag on for forever!! :)

We have electricity!! All from solar!!
(we have a backup generator that runs on propane for cloudy days)

We switched from summer heat to winter cold! The inside got pretty chilly before we had our heater in. Sabrina was the *bestest* sister and brought me some coffee in the second shift!!

We cook food inside for the first time!

My wonderful parents.


When the string gets tangled... :)

Fencing crew!

Window cleaning...

...and door painting!

I think I painted doors for about 10 hours one day!!! 

Nothing like Chik-fil-A for dinner!! (Especially at 10:00 at night!)

Blowing insulation in the attic.

Getting our generator moved into place.

Spraying some foam insulation in the cracks around the sheet insulation around the loft.

Our kitchen starts going in!

The trim gets painted

I did basically all the trim with the help of Sienna and Seth!

Our kitchen!!

Love the cabinets and countertops we chose.

Our first meal in our new oven was on Shen's birthday!!

Working together

Wax coats!

Coffee for the work crew on the way out to the land!

It was special being able to build in a sweatshirt from my grandfather's custom home building business!

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  1. I came looking for pictures of your home! Praying for you all!


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